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How Often Should You Change The Transmission Fluid of Your Car?

When To Change Transmission Fluid In Your Car

The user’s manual will have the answer to this question quite clearly. However, if you are not in the habit of reading it regularly, here are some tips to know when is the best time to do it. It must be mentioned here that every carmaker and vehicle could have different intervals to change the transmission oil. Different cars from the same company could also have different intervals. Also, a big factor is whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission. Generally, you could change the fluid in a manual at around 15,000 – 20,000 km depending on your driving style. In an automatic variant, you might want to do it in the 35,000 – 40,000 km range. However, if you experience problems while engaging different gears, you must get it checked immediately.

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The reason for the early change in the case of a manual transmission is the fact that it gets contaminated and dirty very soon compared to the automatic. There are various moving parts and the system is relatively open. With the automatic transmission, everything is a bit more closed and hence, there is not the issue of the fluid getting dirty. However, there are many hydraulic components that require the oil change less frequently. But, we urge you to watch out for any issues while driving and engaging gears. If that is the case, you must get in checked on priority. Follow the Automobile Technology section at Car Blog India for more maintenance-related content.

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